What to think about when choosing VPS provider

Well first of all you need to know where your brokers trading servers are located, usually they will tell you this when you ask their support.

Most European brokers are located in Haarlem/Amsterdam in Netherlands, usually at Leaseweb or Webzilla. These brokers usually have 20-40ms execution.
Some brokers with even faster execution might be in London with less than 10ms execution.

But since most of them are in Haarlem, we’ll give you some good tips 🙂

Trading is real-time, and as such, you need as low latency, or low delay, as possible between your trading terminal and the brokers server.

Fozzy provides VPSes especially for Forex and they cost 19.95€ monthly or 215€ per full year.

You can find more information and price of Fozzy forex VPS here

In next episode we’ll cover American VPSes for the US brokers.

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